The retail sector is a competitive market that continually evolves with changes in technology and customer behaviour. Retailers are increasingly looking for solutions that improve business operations, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Housing trusts are challenged with having to increase their levels of customer interaction to ensure that rent and other payments are collected efficiently and that tenants’ needs are met. Channel shift to paperless working methods enables housing trusts to move communication, engagement and transactions to more efficient lower cost digital channels and use under pressure resources more productively.

Built with Housing Trusts in mind, our Housing Support Pro solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs; from new tenant sign ups to notifications regarding arrears and ASBO status.


ihome247 monitors electricity and water usage and will generate a notification if no utilities are used. The service provides 24/7 peace of mind regarding the well-being of older or vulnerable people.
Monitoring is discreet and preserves the dignity of the end user whilst providing feedback on their movements around the clock. t

Public Sector

Working with electronic data places inherent risk; no more so than for public sector organisations. Local councils and parliamentary offices store sensitive information on millions of people which is why it is vital that this is stored securely to avoid a breach of confidentiality. Nearly all documents created in organisations today are digital, with most businesses utilising electronic forms as they strive to become more efficient, paper-light and service focused.
e-Redact is an advanced document redaction solution for irreversibly blanking out (or removing) confidential and sensitive information from electronic files, documents, scanned output, or any other information source such as a database report.


Monitoring progress and managing faults in construction can be a difficult process, particularly when projects run for several months. Historically project managers would fill in paperwork onsite and return it to the office 7-10 days later, resulting in a delay for the head office team to scan and store the information.

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