We Capture, Store and Share information so whether you’re looking to make mobile worker reporting more efficient, store records off-site to save office space, need a batch of old records converting to an electronic form, we have a solution that will suit you.


Using our consultative approach we seek to understand the issues that businesses face and how best to solve problems using carefully selected applications for a winning formula.

Any organisation that employs a mobile workforce is looking for two things; cost effectiveness and remote access to real-time information. As a mobile working specialist, we offer our customers the latest mobile applications to ensure staff and customers enjoy a high quality standard of service.

With our mobile working solutions, organisations can:

  • Transform the way in which their workforce communicates, both internally and externally
  • Increase efficiency by creating an open and accessible source to share information across different departments
  • Maximise staff productivity by enabling remote access to information stored at the office
  • Achieve significant cost savings by reducing the administrative costs involved with printing and physical storage

Our team has the skills and expertise to deliver a service that is second to none, providing a scalable mobile working solution that enables you to link up your departments with ease and deliver an efficient cost effective service to your customers.

Health and safety is of paramount importance, no more so than when you have a remote workforce with roles which require them to spend time working alone, sometimes in volatile situations.

The safety of your staff is very important to us too, which is why we have developed an enhanced personal safety suite in partnership with Guardian24 that provides added peace of mind and protection for members of staff who have to deal with difficult customers.

We also understand that it is not just physical safety that is essential, but also data security. That is why we offer a software package that makes document redaction (blanking out) easy for organisations storing sensitive information including banking details.

Our e-Redact application is designed to assist organisations in complying with national standards including the Freedom of Information Act, the Data Protection Act and the ongoing issues with identity fraud.

Several Central and Local Government authorities are using our applications including the Information Commissioner’s Office, The National Archives and The Cabinet Office.

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Managing physical paperwork across numerous departments can be a drain on financial resources and create unnecessary work for your staff. In order to maximise productivity and efficiency within your business, you need to adopt a 21st century approach to information management.

As a nation we are experiencing more services online; in the same way that you can read the newspaper or organise finances on the internet, people increasingly expect the same kind of service from the organisations that they deal with. So what benefits do you stand to gain by embracing the channel shift?

Our document management application enables you to:

  • Manage every aspect of your business documents using web-based software, making it easier than ever to collaborate without deploying desktop solutions
  • Access documents securely from any location with a Wi-Fi connection, reducing the risk of losing sensitive data on USB drives
  • Drastically reduce printing costs by generating PDFs from any known software to store on a central server

We also offer the most advanced Cloud back-up solutions and multi-feature mail secure services to companies of all sizes, in addition to physical document storage which can be mixed and matched to meet your organisation’s needs.

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iForm Pro can convert your business forms to run like an iPad / Android Application in a matter of days. The solution is cost effective and quick to deliver and will return 100% accurate forms from field-based staff in just 15 seconds transforming your service levels. It can also work offline which is an important factor when considering a mobile solution for your mobile workforce.

iForm Pro will also remove all form postage / return to base costs and all paper scanning / data entry costs that are normally associated with paper forms.

We are also able to provide more conventional information capture solutions such as our Mass-Volume Document Scanning Services providing paper conversion to electronic PDF files with unparalleled quality. This service will provide bulk ‘Paper to PDF’ conversion services and include Optical Character Recognition conversion of files and remove sensitive information from your documents before presenting the output online or on a CD/DVD for your records.


Our purpose built BS:5454 accredited storage facilities offers the highest levels of information and physical record storage with capacity for in excess of 2.5 Million boxes of records. We have different tiers of storage ranging from rarely accessed deep archive right through to high availability storage services, the latter can have a file retrieved and returned to our clients in under 1 hour.

We also offer a hybrid storage / scanning solution whereby files are stored and when required we will retrieve the file, scan and return in electronic format. This Scan on Demand service has proved very popular with client’s where the overall volume of files is too vast to justify the budget to scan the entire catalogue of information but the need for a speedy, electronic return of the file is necessary for the business.

All files, boxes and other items stored within our facilities are tracked using our File Live track & trace solution. File Live is web-based system allowing clients to search for boxes, files or scanned electronic records quickly and easily online. To request a file the user would simply select it, add it to the basket and then select the return type (i.e. physical return or scan to file) just as you would with any other online shopping experience.


e-Redact is an easy to use software package for irreversibly blanking out (or redacting) confidential and sensitive information within electronic documents.

e-Redact is used by many Central and Local Government clients including the Information Commissioner’s Office, The National Archives and The Cabinet Office.

e-Redact is a quick and cost effective tool designed to assist organisations in complying with the requirements of:

• The Freedom of Information Act.

• The Data Protection Act.

• The growing problems of personal identify fraud.

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