Support advice concerning Coronavirus, Covid-19, January 2021

As we all come to terms with tighter COVID-19 restrictions, I’d like to take this opportunity to share the steps that we are taking to ensure that we continue to offer the levels of service that you expect from Footprint Solutions.

Our primary concern continues to be the health and safety of colleagues and their families, customers, our business partners and the local communities.  

In accordance with the Government directive, our Head Office is now closed until further notice.  Our staff have the technology in place to continue to provide exemplary support services remotely from home.

Our technology infrastructure will ensure we can operate our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to our normal service levels.   This will ensure that we’re able to provide you with the same great levels of service should you need advice or support with any of our solutions.

Please note that from the close of business on Monday 4th January 2021 our Head Office switch telephone number will not be monitored.  We will provide support services remotely but our Head Office will not be manned.

Our excellent support team are able to facilitate the following services remotely during this time:

  • We will use remote telephony allowing continuous phone access to our teams
  • Support requests should be raised via our website by clicking here.  Alternatively email
  • All tools for managing enquiries, quotes, order processing, etc. will be remotely accessed by our teams via laptops / PCs
  • Various collaboration and conferencing tools would be used internally to work with our customers and vendors for productive collaboration and content sharing
  • Live events and training will be either deferred or switched to virtual environments

As always, we remain committed to supporting your business with an excellent level of service.  Our core hours of support will remain unchanged and consist of 09:00 to 17:00 Mon – Fri (excluding Bank Holidays).

If you have a support request, could we respectfully ask you to click the link below to raise a support ticket:

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to send us a mail

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this difficult time.  Please continue to follow NHS advice

Stay at home and stay safe.

Kind regards

Footprint Solutions Support Team


Capturing, storing and sharing information across your business can be challenging, especially without the right solutions in place. As an information management specialist, we have the expertise to improve processes by implementing affordable and scalable applications that increase productivity from the back office to the frontline.

We understand that businesses need to adapt to meet the specific requirements which is why we take a consultative approach to help companies across a variety of sectors.



The retail sector is a competitive market that continually evolves with changes in technology and customer behaviour. Retailers are increasingly looking for solutions that improve business operations, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Housing trusts are challenged with having to increase their levels of customer interaction to ensure that rent and other payments are collected efficiently and that tenants’ needs are met. Channel shift to paperless working methods enables housing trusts to move communication, engagement and transactions to more efficient lower cost digital channels and use under pressure resources more productively.

Built with Housing Trusts in mind, our Housing Support Pro solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs; from new tenant sign ups to notifications regarding arrears and ASBO status.


ihome247 monitors electricity and water usage and will generate a notification if no utilities are used. The service provides 24/7 peace of mind regarding the well-being of older or vulnerable people.
Monitoring is discreet and preserves the dignity of the end user whilst providing feedback on their movements around the clock.

Public Sector

Working with electronic data places inherent risk; no more so than for public sector organisations. Local councils and parliamentary offices store sensitive information on millions of people which is why it is vital that this is stored securely to avoid a breach of confidentiality. Nearly all documents created in organisations today are digital, with most businesses utilising electronic forms as they strive to become more efficient, paper-light and service focused.
e-Redact is an advanced document redaction solution for irreversibly blanking out (or removing) confidential and sensitive information from electronic files, documents, scanned output, or any other information source such as a database report.


Monitoring progress and managing faults in construction can be a difficult process, particularly when projects run for several months. Historically project managers would fill in paperwork onsite and return it to the office 7-10 days later, resulting in a delay for the head office team to scan and store the information.

We are a one-stop-shop for mobile working solutions, providing a service that complements the channel shift from paper to digital and improves mobile working, security and information management. Our solutions translate into real benefits for your business.


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We have improved our service levels and reduced the operational costs of reporting, achieving payback within 4 months.
Capturing, storing and sharing information across your business can be challenging, especially without the right solutions in place.
As a mobile working specialist, we have the expertise to improve processes by implementing affordable and scalable applications that increase productivity from the back office to the frontline.
The key to the projects’ success was the simplicity of using Housing Support Pro and the fact that it is an integrated service which communicates directly to our back office system.
We have improved our service levels and reduced the operational costs of reporting, achieving payback within four months.
My staff regularly tell me how many ways Works Connect has helped. That feedback confirms I’ve made the right decision.
Housing Support Pro was very easy to implement and simple to use. This allowed our front line staff to access real time data about our customers, removing the need for both paper and travel time. It is very flexible and was tailored easily to meet our own specific needs.
Partick Housing
Housing Support Pro has transformed the way we operate eliminating time consuming and historic paper focused transactions, allowing colleagues to respond quickly and accurately to a multitude of queries whilst in a customers home.
Equity Housing
The team at Housing Support Pro have created operating efficiency accross a large and remote workforce where data needs to be handled with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.
Homecare Live
Housing Support Pro has provided a flexible solution for our Tenancy Audit and Profiling programme. We are now exploring ways of integrating new forms across our BAU operations.
Client Connect has seen us both improve the service for our tenants and reduce the workload on our staff by improving the direction of our digital traffic.
Magenta Living
Housing Support Pro have enabled our neighbourhood team to spend more of their time serving the needs of our customers, becoming more visible, accessible, and effective whilst being mobile.
Equity Housing
After implementing Works Connect we experienced a 40% increase in productivity and a 19% reduction in staffing levels.
S & B Property Holdings
We have been impressed with the level of service provided and the seamless integration with our existing Civica system.
Equity Housing
This is a housing solution which helps my staff deliver excellent services to our customers and I have the confidence that they have all the support they need provided by housing professionals for housing professionals.
Jayne, Magenta Living
It has given me an opportunity to rationalise services, in terms of the economic climate and the cuts which many have had to make. This solution has let us do this in a more sensitive and far simpler way whilst not compromising service to tenants.
Jayne, Magenta Living
Housing Support Pro will revolutionise how they deal with management and maintenance service going forward.
Peter Fitzhenry

By listening to our clients we are able to deliver customisable mobile working solutions that meet their needs,using a portfolio of intuitive applications to save them time and money.