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Centre 360 is packed with simple and smart features designed to make the day-to-day running of your Garden Centre simpler.

A new way of managing garden centre operations

  • Information delivered on i-Pads in real-time

  • Everything you need in one integrated platform

  • Total visibility of your store operations

  • 24/7 view of activities and tasks

  • Easy online task monitoring

  • Management alerts for upcoming task deadlines

  • No more paper forms, filing, admin or delays

  • Partially populated forms allocated to tasks

  • Full history of all completed forms

  • Photos, voice memos and GPS location captured

Features to make work life easy

  • Store directory

  • Paper-free forms

  • Activity planner

  • SMS and email centre

  • Analytics

The perfect management solution ensuring 100% compliance.

Health and safety

The compliance features and alerts are configurable but they ensure that critical operational activities are completed on time, every time.

View weekly or daily tasks

Keep track of particular projects with a 7-day view of all scheduled activities.

Automated administration

Instantly update Head Office instantly with changes made in individual stores.

Simple navigation

Instantly filter activities by centre, department or recently viewed items. 

Integrated communication

Send email or SMS directly from the app. Pre-defined messages can be customised and all correspondence is recorded for audit purposes.

Instant access to information

Keep up to date on the move with real-time access to core data and insights.

Real-time and paper-free

Simple click and complete features allow service forms to be pre-populated on an iPad and returned to Head Office and the tenant instantaneously. 

Your brand

We build the app around you and your brand to create a professional bespoke app in just 5 days.

Paper free in just 5 days!

  • 79% cost saving compared to paper-based reporting

  • 67% more efficient with no admin and in real-time

  • Ensures health and safety compliance

  • Significant reduction in paperwork

  • Total visibility of all centre operations

  • Intuitive and user friendly app

  • Garden centre planner

  • Automatic alerts and notifications

  • Generate electronic forms

  • Send email and SMS direct from the app

  • Complete health and safety forms

Features at your fingertips

Don’t just take our word for it

Find out how we have helped businesses work more efficiently.

“Staff response to the solution has been fantastic.

Store 360 gives us complete peace of mind that all of our core, safe, legal operational activities are completed on time, correctly and with 100% transparency.”

Andy Blunt, Group Operations Manager, Squires

“Centre-based staff love the simplicity of app and the pre-populated forms has meant that staff have complete compliance paperwork more quickly.”

Jeanette Colman, Squires

“We were impressed with Store 360 from the start and couldn’t believe how quickly the team delivered the solution configured to our needs.”

Jeanette Colman, Squires

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