Achieving a 40% time saving with e-Redact

The Challenge

Following the introduction of the Freedom Of Information Act (2000) we have seen a rapid rise in Subject Access Requests from the public regarding information held about them.

Before using e-Redact all client cases were in a paper format and a marker pen was used to remove sensitive information from a photocopy of the original.

Processing these paper documents was very time consuming. Some paperwork had to be photo copied more than twice as the information was still visible under the marker pen, This was expensive and time consuming.

Locating the redacted copy following release was difficult. There was also no way of easily removing repeat instances of a word from a document.

The Strategy

Original documents are now scanned and redaction is carried out completely electronically using e-Redact. There is no longer a requirement to store paper copies of redacted documents as files are held electronically.

An audit copy file is automatically is generated indicating where redactions have been applied with the text visible beneath an opaque layer making a review of any redacted output easy.

For larger cases a working copy may be saved enabling the redactions to be edited at a later date.

40% time saving benefits have been made through the use of Search Terms automatically locating and redacting content.

Electronic files are produced which may be e-mailed to the requester saving on both postage costs and costs associated with photocopying.

The Result

  • Redaction times improved by 40%
  • Works with ALL file formats
  • Cost effective and 40% faster to use than our previous solution
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced photocopying)
  • 100% FoI, DPA & EIR compliant
  • Search terms improve quality
  • Irreversible output that is PD:0008 compliant
  • Simple to use
  • Highly cost effective

What Aberdeen City Council has to say about Footprint

e-Redact reduced our Subject Access Request turnaround times by 40%.
In turn this has allowed us to process more requests with the same staff numbers, and in many cases respond to the requester more quickly.
We would happily recommend e-Redact for it’s ease of use and its time and cost saving features.
Trevor Gillespie, Social Care and Wellbeing Team Manager

ROI for Aberdeen City Council

40% Faster Redaction

100% FOI, DPA & EIR Compliant