Streamlining business processes with iForm Pro

The Challenge

McKean Developments is a privately owned joinery and construction company providing complete package construction and maintenance services for both new-build & existing works.

Refurbishing entire multi-storey tower blocks is a high-volume business and working with residential units of the same dimension should be straightforward. In summary, it’s not and we struggled to monitor the progress on such complex, high-volume unit developments using pen-and-paper reporting.

A project can run for many months and the project managers would complete the project paperwork on-site typically returning this to our head office every 5 to 10 days. This meant that the head office team had no indication of the progress of a project without calling the Project Manager for an update.

Additionally, if key project paperwork was not returned we would only know about this at the end of the project and a re-visit would frequently be required to complete the missing paperwork for the unit in question.

When looking at the business from a Health & Safety perspective we also install balconies and balustrades and it is imperative that the installation team follow precise install instructions when installing the item

Additionally, we used to ask the install teams to carry digital cameras around with them to photograph the install at the various stages to document that the correct install procedure had been followed for each install.

This manually managed quality measure was cumbersome and it was difficult to ensure that the correct install photos were associated with the correct physical balustrade / balcony install.

We recognised the need to work in a more joined-up manner in 2013 and we started to search for a real-time reporting tool to support us with our business.

The Strategy

McKean Developments contacted numerous teams about PDA, digital pen and tablet-based reporting solutions and we immediately liked the iForm Pro™ solution from Footprint Solutions.

The real-time nature of form transmission from the install teams to head office was of huge interest to McKean. All issues in the field need to be reported to head office team as soon as possible and iForm Pro delivers form output in under a minute. Another key factor in selecting Footprint Solutions as their service partner is that they provided a one-stop-shop for the entire solution supplying us with iPad™ devices, Data Packages / SIM cards and of course the iForm Pro software.

iForm Pro returns electronic forms more or less instantly ensuring that the head office team always have the latest information available relating to the project. Photos can also be automatically attached to forms automatically naming the photograph, embedding a thumbnail image within the form and returning the full-size images within a Zip file which is returned with each form.

McKean Developments were impressed with the iForm Pro tablet solution, but they also took the information warehouse module which allows them to manage forms as they are returned to the head office team. The warehouse can also generate report output to PDF or Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheets which is great for generating itemised reports to attach to remittance advice notes to their sub-contract staff.

The iForm Pro solution is constantly being developed and the Footprint Solutions team are now developing a Microsoft Office365-based full mobile working offering in partnership with Microsoft™. This allows job sheets to be sent as attachments to calendar invites that will not only place the appointment into the diary of the install team but also send them the pre-populated form as an attachment.

The Result

  • Captures data even whilst offline, returning it as soon as the device goes back online

  • Easily attach photos and drawings to forms

  • Bespoke forms developed in days

  • Pre-populated forms are emailed to the installation teams in the field

  • Head office input of data improves accuracy

  • No print, scanning or photocopying costs

  • No postage costs

  • Saves time and improves efficiency

  • Intuitive interface liked by staff

McKean have to say about iForm Pro

iForm Pro™ immediately struck us as a more advanced solution than the others reviewed. The fact that it was iPad™ or Android™ based was attractive and we also liked the fact that all of the forms on the device could incorporate our brand or duel-brand where we undertake partnership projects.

David Irons, Project Manager

The engineers can also write onto photos using iForm Pro™ and these comments are delivered back to head office in real-time, it’s quite amazing really. This has proven really useful when installing kitchens into end-client homes. The fitters can document the entire installation process for each unit including photographs of the final installation.

Charlie McKean, Managing Director

iForm Pro™ automated the safety photo aspect of our job. When a team install a balcony or balustrade now, the iPad™ is used to take photos at every stage and these are automatically inserted into the form for that particular install. To say that this was convenient when compared to working manually with digital cameras would be an understatement. We now the required photos of every stage of the install embedded within the form. If the engineer hasn’t attached all of the mandatory photos the system doesn’t allow them to submit the form.

David Irons, Project Manager

The constant development being put into the iForm Pro™ solution is what reassures us we have picked one of the markets strongest tablets today and one that is guaranteed to be even more powerful in the future.

Charlie McKean, Managing Director

We can report on what an individual install team have been up to, how many jobs we have completed for a given client or generate reports within specific work periods and the warehouse can also generate report output to PDF or Microsoft™ Excel spreadsheets which is great for generating itemised reports to attach to remittance advice notes to their sub-contract staff.

David Irons, Project Manager

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