Achieving a 50% time saving with e-Redact

The Challenge

Derby City Council are in the process of moving towards a purely electronic document management system. Consequently we needed to find a solution which enabled us to redact documents electronically prior to disclosure.

Before using e-Redact all client cases were in a paper format and a marker pen was used to remove sensitive information from a photocopy of the original. Processing these paper documents was very time consuming and as the number of cases received had increased each year, the time saving factor of e-Redact was very attractive.

Manually redacted documents also pose a significant threat to security as when information is being redacted manually there is the possibility of the sensitive information still being visible.

We currently receive electronic and paper documents to redact and those which are paper based are scanned prior to redaction.

The Strategy

e-Redact was chosen as the Councils preferred redaction solution and was selected as a financially viable solution. It has since exceeded all expectations both from time saved and ease and simplicity of use perspective.

e-Redact has delivered a 50% time saving when processing files for redaction. We have also enjoyed significant cost savings in the areas of paper usage and photocopying by working electronically.

e-Redact has also made staff feel much more confident in the security of the redacted file output when compared to manual redaction techniques.

Finally, the output generated from e-Redact is much more professional looking than output generated using manual techniques.

We would recommend e-Redact to other Authorities facing the same challenges.

The Result

  • Redaction times improved by 50% consistently
  • Works with ALL file formats
  • Cost effective and 50% faster to use than our previous solution
  • Environmentally friendly (reduced photocopying)
  • 100% FOI, DPA & EIR compliant
  • Supports multi-session working for large files
  • Output is more professional looking
  • Simple to use
  • Significant cost savings made around photocopying

What Derby City Council has to say about e-Redact

e-Redact has saved us both time and money. We have saved on both paper and printing costs in addition to staff costs due to the time being taken to redact a document being halved. The solution has allowed us to optimise all of our different work scenarios.

Alison Moss, Information Governance Manager

ROI for Derby City Council

50% Faster Redaction

100% FOI, DPA & EIR Compliant