Stockport Homes is one of the first UK housing providers to use Housing Support Pro’s new SweepUp software to maintain its estates.

SweepUp includes problem reporting by tenants, notifications and detailed instructions to caretakers, time tracking and job scheduling, single ‘tap’ sign in on mobile devices, inventory and supply management, post-inspection reviews, and real-time and historic performance reporting.

John Chambers, head of IT, Stockport Homes, said, “SweepUp’s functionality complements our existing high standards. We have been very impressed with SweepUp’s added value functions and in particular how easy it is for users to use. This solution addresses many of the day- to-day frustrations users and managers have had with legacy manual processes.

“There is also potential to apply SweepUp to other parts of our operations, where

routine assessments need to be carried out and real-time visibility of issues can be reported and addressed.”

Steve Lamb, ICT director, Housing Support Pro, said, “We are pleased to
be working with Stockport Homes as we believe that SweepUp has the ability to help improve their facilities management and all for just £3 per month per user.”

Sweep Up Stockport Homes September 2018
Sweep Up Stockport Homes Housing Technology

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