We are working with several housing trusts and other community service organisations to promote inter-agency working.

Initial trials have been hugely successful around alcohol abuse and rehabilitation and we have implemented forms on the Housing Officer tablets that allow any signs of alcohol related problems to be seamlessly handed off to the partner agency offering alcohol and solvent abuse counselling.

“We are trying to promote a joined-up service approach using Housing Support Pro to capture relevant information before handing this off to partner organisations who may be able to support tenants who face difficulties in their private lives.  Currently, the amount of information shared with partner service agencies is limited.  We want to change all of that and we have the tools to be able to automatically escalate any observed issues to the relevant service partner by simply ticking a box on our forms” commented Glyn Cunnah, head of sales for the Housing Market.

“It is hoped that over time, other partners will sign-up to receiving alerts from the Housing Support Pro solution.  At the end of the day the solution promoted face to face community engagement and this is why users of the solution are quickly and easily able to identify the early signs that a tenant may be struggling personally or financially.  The fact that this information can be handed off to the relevant service organisation in an instant will hopefully promote earlier warning signals to be communicated and allow the core issued to be tackled earlier” commented John Sant, Chief Exec at Footprint.